Fire scene examination, which is actually an origin and cause examination, is what Monty Fire Investigations specializes in. We are grounded in the use of the scientific method and adhere to the principles outlined in NFPA 921 and NFPA 1033. Furthermore, our understanding of how fire develops and interacts with building components, fuels and effects of ventilation are critical while conducting a thorough and proper origin and cause investigation. Depending on your needs, our investigators can provide a comprehensive, multi-faceted report; an executive summary or an oral report of our findings. In addition, our investigators are able to take this information and explain it to you or a jury in layman's terms so that there is an understanding of exactly what occurred.

Our investigators provide our clients with extensive experience working with attorneys in preparation for and testifying in Federal and State court proceedings. As a result of our years of training and experience with some of the world's most knowledgeable experts in fire science, fire protection and electrical engineering we are able to provide our clients with the expertise that is needed in any court room.

As a result of a long and diverse law enforcement background, Monty Fire Investigations has the capability to examine, process and organize significant amounts of information so that an honest evaluation of that case can be provided to our clients. Furthermore, with our experience we will be able to advise our clients of potential pitfalls with their case or areas that need further exploration.

Monty Fire Investigations can also provide training that can be tailored to the audience based on the needs of our client.